Why You Need A Financial Advisor


With the prevalence of Google in today’s everyday lives, many have become accustomed to the solution of their woes being – ‘I’ll just Google it’. Though thankfully, no questions are asked regarding the need for a doctor when unwell, or a lawyer when one finds themselves in a legal predicament. When a matter of importance needs tending to, you usually hire an expert that is well-versed in that area to reap the best results. This doesn’t discount the management of your finances. 


A practiced financial advisor will work with you to create a customized financial strategy that accommodates your financial goals, and strives to increase your investor returns. Though how do you differentiate an impractical sales person from a valuable financial advisor? Well, your financial advisor should -    


  • Examine Your Individual Situation – Your advisor should consider the individual situation at hand. By doing so, they are then able to identify points of weakness that need changing. Thus, a financial advisor should… 


  • Be Candid – Sometimes the answer you are hoping to hear won’t be what is right for you and your business. They should alert you of wasteful spending, or simply be able to tell you what you may not want to hear. 


  • Make Recommendations – If your advisor is well-versed in the financial industry, they should be able to recommend software products, for instance cloud accounting services. Products that offer cloud accounting can assist you in reaching your financial goals faster. They should be well equipped with knowledge on the software, and its features. 


  • Be Proactive – While your financial advisor is keeping up to date with the industry, they will be updating you on financial issues and opportunities. They can give you an understanding of complex situations that may arise financially. 


  • Have Industry Knowledge – Someone who has experience in diverse industries should possess the expertise to foster in depth knowledge, on the compliance and regulation requirements that are expected from your individual business. 


  • Be With You Every Step Of The Way –  As your business grows over time, your financial advisor should adjust their approach to remain on par with your evolving business’s needs.  


  • Have A Clear Strategy – There are many aspects in life that can’t be navigated without a map, your finances are one of them! A clear strategy should be in place, and as circumstances change, that strategy should too. 


  • Be Educational – If you have any questions regarding your finances, risks, and investment options, your financial advisor should be able to answer and explain anything you don’t understand.



Other than the expertise that contribute to a good financial advisor, you should be able to build a trustworthy, approachable, and reliable relationship with your advisor. As a collaborative team, you will be on the road to accomplishing your financial goals.  










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