IT's SUMMER! DON'T let your Business MANAGE you!


It’s SUMMER! We all think about having fun, cookouts, and relaxing with family and friends. We normally don’t think about, what can I do to move my business forward or BE PROACTIVE? I do agree that it is a good time to take a moment, revive and breathe before we move on to the last six months of the year. For me, I plan a summer vacation every year where I go home and see all my family and friends by the ocean. But as a Business Owner, a CFO & a Controller, I think what project, task or decision can I move forward for my business and /or yours. Getting some of this planned,  started and / or completed before leaving for vacation helps me relax on vacation.  For the service industries, July and August can be very quiet months. This is where I take advantage of getting ahead before the busy season hits. I review some pain points, and get some tasks started (ahead of schedule), and /or make some decisions that I will eventually make but not under pressure.


Let's get proactive by setting an action plan:


  1. Set up a calendar

  2. Add all the tasks

  3. Add the Owners


There are many tasks you can start that are not due until later in the year. This allows you to identify if there are any issues, if you are on target, and / or if you need to implement changes, so you make a positive impact on your financials and your tax liability. It also helps you manage your business instead of it managing you!


Some tasks that may apply to you:

  1. If you have any Adjusting Journal Entries from prior year then book them.

  2. Balance Sheet Reconciliations should be completed and up to date.

  3. Review your insurance policies and make changes if needed.

  4. Update your 1099 vendors in your accounting software.

  5. Plan your budget process.

  6. Update any manual reporting that will need to be completed. For example, Workers Compensation audit schedules.

  7. Review your sales and use tax and be compliant with the laws and rates.

  8. 401k plans, review and be compliant with reporting. For example, your 5500 filing.

  9. Property tax filings and schedules can be reviewed and updated.

  10. Discuss any pain points and decide if you need to hire expertise to help solve them.

  11. Accounting software – Move from Desktop to the Cloud.

  12. Review your tax liability now and see if you need tax planning to help reduce your liability.

  13. Is there a project that needs to get started but never does? Assess and develop and action plan.


This list is overwhelming for any Business Owner, Accountant or bookkeeper. And not all of them may apply to your business and / or maybe you are not sure. We are here to help to you be proactive, efficient and enjoy your summer vacation and not fret the last half of the year.


Please contact us and lets us get your business to a place where it’s not managing the quality of your SUMMMER and last half of the year!



Linda Herron, CEO | | 408-809-1001 |


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