How SimpliProfit Named their Business!

October 10, 2018


Our Business Name Represents the Clients Journey with Us


Linda Herron, Founder and CEO of SimpliProfit stated, I wanted something different than the traditional industry name for an accounting firms like Herron & Associates or Herron LLC. And let’s face it, we live in the land of Silicon Valley and why not have a name that could be cool and dialed in. With that said, we brainstormed one weekend to come up with a modern accounting firm name. The goal was by Monday the business would be named. The name needed to exemplify and exude that SimpliProfit could help business owners increase profits by streamlining accounting and operational workflows to make it simple for the staff to manage and move forward after we revamped and retooled their business to reach new heights. We also knew we wanted to put two words together to create something fresh and new. Profit was one of the words Linda wanted to use. So our task at hand was to find the right word to go with Profit. We tried everything writing words together and visually seeing what that looked like, saying it out loud and how it sounded. The fact is the company makes it look easy and simple to client's as we navigate each process. So Simple came up and when you say those two words (SimpleProfit) together it just does not roll off the tongue that well. As we looked at many ways to say and write Simple - Simpli came up. Simpli means we can simply help create more profit, by simplifying their workflows and uncomplicate the ways our clients think about their business as a whole. We assess, create a plan, create a timeline and walk with them towards a more profitable way of doing business. So, as you say and write SimpliProfit it sounds good, visually looks nice and exemplifies exactly what we will do for all our clients.


If you need accounting help we would be happy to get you started! Please contact us at: |  e | p 408-809-1001

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